Hotel and office
in the same building

Own a hotel room in Helsinki, near Finland’s most demanded attractions

SSA Base combines accommodation and office spaces in the same building, offering a modern operating environment to business travellers with a repeated need for hotel accommodation in the metropolitan area.

In addition to accommodation, Base offers an excellent setting for working, meeting customers, organising seminars, carrying out your own entrepreneurial activities and networking as well as for freshening up.

The first 440-room hotel in accordance with the Base concept will be completed by 2020 at the address Mannerheimintie 109.

The Base Hotel in Helsinki is one of Finland’s largest hotel projects, a hotel concept aiming at the international hotel market.

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Basic info

NameKOY Base Helsinki
AddressMannerheimintie 109, 00280 Helsinki, Finland
Type of buildingHotel property
Stage of constructionUnder construction
Time of completion06/2020

Building description

Building materialMostly concrete
HeatingGeothermal heating, District heating
BuilderSSA Group Oy
VentilationMechanical ventilation with cooling
Car parking spots155 pcs


PlotLeased plot
LessorCity of Helsinki
Owner of the plotCity of Helsinki
Lease agreement30 years

Located centrally in the Metropolitan area, on Mannerheimintie, Helsinki

The hotel is located centrally in the metropolitan area, on Mannerheimintie, in the vicinity of Central Park, a short tram ride from the centre of Helsinki. Hotel customers include those travelling to Helsinki and, thanks to the central location, also hotel guests on their way to Espoo and Vantaa.

It is about a 15-minute drive from the airport to the Base Hotel, so the hotel also serves air passengers well. The Hartwall Arena, the Trade Fair Centre (Messukeskus), the Olympic stadium, the Linnanmäki amusement park, the University Hospital and the Opera House, located nearby, also bring plenty of hotel guests.

The Helsinki city plan directs the development of the urban structure, and it has considered it necessary to place a hotel on the plot.

In the Base Hotel, dozens of enterprises and private persons own the hotel and thereby also raise its utilisation rate. The hotel is centrally located in the metropolitan area and therefore is also functional as a place of business or base of an enterprise.

Particularly when driving a car, the location of Ruskeasuo is better than the city centre if there is no need to access the centre directly or stay there. If you have to go to the centre or in another direction, there are several good public transport connections. If you like the outdoors, you will appreciate the vicinity of Central Park.

SSA Base Helsinki -hotel property

To guarantee a safe and comfortable operating environment, the hotel has, in addition to the rooms, all of the services of a traditional hotel:

  • reception
  • lounge
  • restaurants
  • meeting facilities
  • small gym
  • a kiosk
  • other facilities serving for the use of the building
  • a two-storey parking garage with 155 parking spaces
  • sauna and spa department is located on the rooftop storey of the hotel

Hotel rooms

There are 440 high-quality hotel rooms in the SSA Base Helsinki Hotel.

The hotel offers two Base rooms of different sizes: Smart rooms for two persons and Large rooms for up to four persons. The rooms have been furnished with convertible fixtures, enabling the versatile use and quick conversion of the room. In this way, working and sleeping are integrated into a natural part of the room’s use and a changing daily rhythm.

The room arrangement of the SSA Base Hotel is designed to equally serve two different functions: working and sleeping. The space arrangements of the room have been honed for several years in common projects with interior designer Minna Hurme. The miniflat concept worked on for the last five years, has now been refined into a small hotel room, offering largely the same setting as a small studio.

The location of the table enables its use from both sides, making the room a small meeting room. There is a display on the wall above the desk, but by means of a folding arm, the display is also pleasant to look at from the bed.

The toilet is compact, including a small hand basin. The actual basin fixture with a bathroom cabinet is on the hotel room side. This solution enables versatile use of the room during several persons’ stay. There is also a small refrigerator and a coffee maker/kettle next to the basin fixture.

The surface materials and fixture solutions of the room are practical and easy to care for, with no extra cavities or legs. The ambiance of the room is that of a homely nest, a place to relax amidst the urban bustle. The space formed by warm tones and surfaces is designed to be harmonious and accessibly cosy.

The room converts flexibly according to the daily rhythm. The clear, modern space offers a place for concentrated working, an intense moment of meeting with customers and co-operation partners, relaxation in the evening in surroundings with good acoustics, and peaceful rest at the end of the day.

Base Smart

Fully furnished hotel room suitable for a workspace and accommodation for one or two persons.

181 750€
  • Living area 12m2
  • Other facilities 14m2
  • Total squares 26m2
  • Selling price 83 750€
  • Financing during construction 98 000€
  • Debt-free price 181 750€
  • Maintenance fee 80€ /mo
  • Plot management fee 70€ /mo
  • Reservation fee 100€

Base Large

The room is suitable for a workspace or a small conference room for two persons and for the accommodation of four persons. The room is equipped in such a way that even a long-term stay is agreeable.

206 750€
  • Living area 17m2
  • Other facilities 14m2
  • Total squares 31m2
  • Selling price 94 750€
  • Financing during construction 112 000€
  • Debt-free price 206 750€
  • Maintenance fee 90€ / mo
  • Plot management fee 80€ / mo
  • Reservation fee 100€

Yield estimate calculator

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How it works (in Finnish)

Owning Base

As the owner of a Base room, you own the hotel room fully, just like in an ordinary housing association. The difference between ownership of a Base room and participation in a housing company is that the purpose of the room is accommodation or office use.

All room owners own the property company in proportion to their share ownerships. The property company owns, in addition to common areas, spaces producing proceeds to it: a 155-place parking garage, several reception spaces and conference rooms, a kiosk, a small gym, the spa department of the rooftop storey and large lobby spaces with auditoriums.

The Base operator manages the renting

Renting a hotel room has been made easy. The owner transfers his or her room for rent to the operator, who takes care of all responsibilities for the room and expenses incurred from its use. The owner is paid the net rental income every three months.

The income obtained by the owner is determined on the basis of the total utilisation rate of the rooms in the Pool. This means that you receive income even if your own room is empty.

Own use

Using the hotel room and the Base common areas belonging to the housing association has been made easy for owners. When an owner wants to reserve for him- or herself a room or, for example, a conference room from a Base hotel, both can be done easily from the Base owners’ calendar. It is not necessary to pay for your own use of the hotel at the time of usage. It is always deducted in connection with the next rendering of accounts, taking into account owner discounts. The owners’ own use cumulates the hotel’s proceeds and thus they return in large part to the room owners.

An alternative for investing in apartments

Choose fixed 5% yield or yield based on current utilisation rate.

Good profit

he foundation of the Base Hotel is a traditional hotel business, which has produced high yields throughout the times. The average utilisation rate of the approximately 10,000 rooms of Helsinki hotels is c. 73% in 2018. (The statistics include all of Helsinki’s hotels, new and old, big and small). The average price of a night at a Helsinki hotel is ca. €116 in 2018

Real security and resale value

A new, modern hotel property on the country’s busiest street and in the most central location in the metropolitan area. An alternative to business trip housing – the prices of new studios in the same area of Helsinki start from €200,000 each


When a housing investor replaces a broken refrigerator of his or her investment flat, as an owner of a Base room, you can use that time, for example, enjoying the sauna and spa department of the hotel’s rooftop storey.

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