Investing in SSA Base

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As the first in Finland, SSA Base Helsinki offers the opportunity to own a hotel room in Helsinki – at a top location near Finland’s most demanded attractions!

In this article, we review the reasons that make Base a safe, easy and profitable investment object.

1. A high utilisation rate guarantees stable yields:

The foundation of the Base Hotel is a traditional hotel business, which has produced high yields throughout the times.

  • The average utilisation rate of the approximately 10,000 rooms of Helsinki hotels is c. 73% in 2018. (The statistics include all of Helsinki’s hotels, new and old, big and small).
  • The average price of a night at a Helsinki hotel is ca. €116 in 2018.
  • Proceeds from the parking garage, reception spaces and the sauna

According to experts, the Helsinki hotel market has unprecedentedly good prospects for the coming years. For example, according to a recent study, the hotel market in the Helsinki region is exceptional, because its hotel capacity is comparatively small relative to the number of customers.

Hotel and office hotel in the same building – in the same rooms – with the same maintenance costs

The Base Hotel launches a new innovation, which enables the use of the building as an office house in the daytime and thus a higher-than-normal yield for a person owning a room in the hotel.

At the location of the Base Helsinki Hotel, the rent obtained from an office hotel room is an estimated €50/day. Taking into account that the maintenance charge is no longer deducted from the proceeds of office use, the daytime use of the rooms as offices is certainly profitable.

For business travellers, the Base Hotel offers Helsinki’s best setting for rest and work. Several reception spaces and conference rooms equipped with state-of-the-art technology provide a good setting for meetings with customers and networking. The rooms have good sound-proofing and ventilation with cooling, enabling both quality sleep and undisturbed work at all times of the day. The other spaces of the hotel are also designed to serve office hotel customers as well. For the hotel owners, the fact that the building serves two purposes with the same maintenance costs enables a better than ordinary yield.

2. A new hotel property, which holds its resale value:

  • A new, modern hotel property on the country’s busiest street and in the most central location in the metropolitan area
  • An alternative to business trip housing – the prices of new studios in the same area of Helsinki start from €200,000 each
  • A commodity for the needs of many different enterprises

The Base Hotel to be built on Mannerheimintie, one of Finland’s largest hotel projects, is well connected to communications, and services are nearby. The state-of-the-art technology, ecological approach and central location of the modern building on the busiest street of the country further increase the value of the real property. These facts guarantee a stable utilisation rate of the real property and thus the value of your own hotel room now and in the future.

3. Easy to Resell further

  • The possibility to sell through any channel or through SSA’s sales organisation
  • A functioning resale marketplace and ready buyers around the world

As the owner, you can also enjoy the high-quality setting of the hotel yourself.

The use of the spa/sauna department is always free for an owner. When a housing investor replaces a broken refrigerator of his or her investment flat, as an owner of a Base room, you can use that time, for example, enjoying the sauna and spa department of the hotel’s rooftop storey.

Invest in Base-hotel online

As the owner of a Base room, you own the hotel room fully, just like in an ordinary housing association. In addition to common areas, the ownership also includes other productive spaces of the hotel: a 155-place parking garage, several reception spaces and conference rooms, a kiosk, a small gym, the spa department of the rooftop storey and large lobby spaces with auditoriums.

Reserving a room is easy with a reservation fee of €100 through our reservation system. You receive the contracts of sale to be signed electronically within two weeks of the reservation.